Using the ITI’s Website Instructions for Members

Registering for a webinar

To use the website to register for a webinar, you must first log in.

To log in the first time, enter your email address and click “forgot password” to create a password. The site should recognize you as an ITI member based on your email address and allow you to create a password.

If the site does not recognize your email address the first time, please register your email address on the site. After we verify your credentials, you will be able to log in and create a password.

When a member registers for a webinar, the website will automatically send you a link to view that webinar.

Membership renewals

If you have an individual membership, the website will send you a reminder to renew your membership about 6 weeks before it expires. After your membership expires, you cannot view a webinar until the membership is renewed on the website.

If your firm or company has a corporate membership, the website will notify your company or firm that its membership will expire soon and must be renewed.

Viewing past webinars and decks

Members must be logged into the site to view recordings of past webinars and associated slide decks.

The website is being configured by Go Daddy to enable this function.  It will be a few weeks before their work is complete.